Garmin Connect – Double Dirty Fondo

Garmin Connect – Double Dirty Fondo.

via Garmin Connect – Double Dirty Fondo.


124.274 Miles

200 Kilometers of high elevation gravel. Starting and Finishing in Salida, Colorado. Stay tuned for details. Formerly known as the South Park Dirty Fondo.

Make no mistake about it, the DDF is re-tooled and fully optimized.  Our team of experts have leveraged strategic gravel biking solutions to provide a holistic next generation experience. By combining a synergistic approach using visionary google maps skills and user-centered, web enabled gps capabilities the DDF redefines the existing gravel paradigm.

Or, you know, I drew some lines on a internet map.


07:00 at Cafe Dawn, Salida Colorado on 5/18/2013. Registration info coming soon.

This year promises an improved course, an exciting downhill finish and the section along the river has been removed.

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